Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dead now Alive - Ottawa Teen in Hospital after Explosion

A kid had no vital signs after an explosion at a high school shop class in Ottawa. The paramedics said he died, but then he was revitalized when they got him to the hospital. Legit. The first undead kid and one other were taken to the hospital and are currently in serious condition.

They say that they were making barbeque's and a propane tank exploded...they think that the sparks that formed from cutting into the tank set it off. Now I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination when it come to this sort of thing...but one would THINK that it would be hazardous to cut into a propane tank. You don't mess with that shit.

I wonder if this was something the teacher was aware of because we all know the questioning will begin shortly.

I don't carry many of these around, but any good vibes I have on me right now I am passing over to the smart propane tank cutting kids in the hospital.


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