Friday, May 13, 2011

Dan Levy Update

What happened to Dan Levy? I know this is what some of you are wondering. Since his departure from MTV after his Christmas special we haven't seen Dan Levy (well I haven't, I don't know if you have). I heard rumours that he was going to be going into fashion writing or something to that effect, but nothing was confirmed. He pops up on Twitter every once in a while, but that is just not doing it for me.

Today he posted this photo of himself doing a photoshoot for HBC. I swear if he didn't put a caption I would have thought that he had taken up employment at the grease factory otherwise known as McDonalds. Does that shirt not look like the uniforms of some McDicks restaurants? Well it does to me. I would have cried if that's where Dan ended up. Eugene would never allow it (I would hope not).

Dan wrote an article in last months Flare Magazine. I didn't read it as I don't read Flare, but I'm sure it was great. You can also catch Dan Monday, Wednesday and Friday writing for the blog Pop-Ed.

If I would have known Dan was looking for a place to write I would have let him do a spot or two on XOXO Jes, Geez.

Someone please put this boy back on TV. Fack.


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