Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chad Kroeger ordered to pay former GF $25,000 a month

Chad Kroeger is being ordered by the BC Court to pay his former girlfriend of 6 years $25,000 per month in spousal support.

Now as much as I hate Chad and his hair I think this is stupid. The woman was dating a rockstar (using term loosely to prove a point) so of course she got perks like expensive food and wine, private jets to Mexico and other places, hired helicopters for last minute flights into Vancouver for the evening and limousines. But unfortunately for you...stop dating said rockstar and you should no longer receive the perks. I figure...he didn't put a ring on it so he owes you dick all.

Does this woman not have a job that she can't make rent without a sugar daddy? And for how long does he have to pay her for? Let this be a warning to all entertainers...if you spoil your girlfriend/boyfriend he/she will have you on the only take them to McDicks and make them pay half of the time.

On the other hand...she DID have to sleep with Chad Kroeger for 6 years. She should have asked for more.



  1. It's called common law marriage. It is legal in much of Canada which is likely why he is paying spousal support. If you become common law married, you actually have to get a divorce.

  2. Appears things are complicated and this is type of bribe if you ask me to hide facts of his real marriage that she was a gatekeeper to keep him away from .. appears when that woman is done she may be paying some of her alimony back and then some .. term thief comes to mind.. or impersonation and identify theft impersonating her to make claims to inheritance and that is what this money is which he is not getting to keep and she has no right to .. also can not get married when someone is already married.. seems I heard she was paid to keep him occupied away from the real wife..

  3. Common law marriage is usually for a relationship that consists of 10u uesrs anyway ...

  4. Common law marriage is usually for a relationship that consists of 10u uesrs anyway ...


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