Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebrating the Haters and the Fans: XOXO Jes turns 2!!!

Awwwwwwyeaaaaaaaaah, my baby turns 2 today!

I mulled over what to do for the occasion, if anything, because if I accidentally had a child and they were turning 2 I would do nothing. A kid cannot remember anything at that stage in life so it is just a waste of time...but multiple posts a day for 2 years - now that may be worth celebrating!

Instead of reminiscing over old posts that you may or may not have read I thought I would dedicate my blog's #2 to the readers. When I say readers I don't just mean the fans. Don't get me wrong, I love the fans...but where would the world be without the haters? If there was no room for haters then you wouldn't have me. Haters gonna today I recognize my fans and my haters. You both make my life interesting and it is for you that I write everyday.

Let's start this spotlight on the ones who have a hating heart like mine...and give my bad spelling and grammar a run for its money: the haters. Here are some of my favorite disapproving comments from the past 2 years...

Psychotic losers don't sell 30,000,000 albums, they write blogs like this one. - Anon.

your a loser - Anon.

 ...I've never seen your blog before, but it seems to me that anyone who complains about "fame goggles" while writing a gossip blog needs to up their meds. - christopher451

Excuse me gyalll I dunt know who you are talking to you are well crazy and mad sick head no good you need some massive help as well if your itching you should go see the doctor for some flee control or something because you could never be talking about the show I personally loved it so if you dont like it take your wack experience and shove it up your ass untill it gets to your brain understand. I cant beleive you had the nerve to come to toronto from your shity place clagary and talk your stupidness about brilliancy I dont even care how you spell it you need to get your eyes and your brain checked the next time you come to toronto come look the Baby Boyz again im sure they will love to entertain you once more and please make sure you dont bring your itching flees with you. Thank you - Anon.

I just can't picture the Old Spice guy dating anyone? really? thats why your blog sucks you are very strange. - Anon.

I could ignore all the snotty comments, looking down your nose at people, buffy Tshirt shit but naw, fuck it. Your a dick head. Go fuck yourself. - Anon.

You are incredibly dumb and your site sucks - Anon.

wow you are a feel better about yourself now that you put someone down just to get people to read your stuff...sorry but this article was boring SNOOZE next..... - midgeteast

you are a total tool. do you ever like anything? - Anon.

And now, as much as I think the haters are hilarious, I ultimately keep writing for these peeps! Thanks to all the readers who support the blog. You guys make me want to fist pump. Definitely heart you all!

In addition to the above loverlies, I must make a special shout out to my of my biggest supporters and one of the reasons I started this mess in the first place...she convinced me I was funny enough for people to want to read. So if you don't think I am any good - take it up with her.

Thanks for a good two years and more to come. Mwah!

UPDATE: To all who have sent messages saying Anon. is an asshole: Anon. stands for Anonymous...and I am pretty sure those posts are not all from the same person...and if they are we have a big-time hater on our hands. Ha ha.


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  1. Bahaha I love that message about "flees." I mean really, if you're going to post hate mail like that, at least take the time and think it out a bit better! Or maybe he was just loaded, and you had just broken his heart? Whatevs, XOXOJES ROCKS MY SOCKS. (Now I kind of wish I had taken the time to submit something awesome that might have actually made it on here...)

  2. Oh and ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To the blog that it...


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