Monday, May 16, 2011

Brad Pitt's Tree of Life Booed and Applauded

Tree of Life was one of the most anticipated films of this year Cannes Film of course people are bound to go into it with high expectations. After the first screening it has been reported that people started booing and then others countered with applause. Was it a 50/50 split? Not sure.

It is not abnormal for an audience to boo a film that they are not completely satisfied with, especially at a film festival, where most people in the audience figure themselves as film experts. I have never been in an audience that has booed anything...besides a sports game, which doesn't count because that is usually directed at the ref or opposing team. I would love to be in an audience that boos a would be exceptionally awkward and hilarious if the people who made it suck were in the audience.

So it got booed...big whoop. I will probably still go and see it.


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