Monday, May 16, 2011

Barney is gonna be a husband!

Everyone knew that there was a wedding in the HIMYM future, and a lot of people thought that it was going to be Ted (but seriously...that is not going to happen until they end this shit) but actually it is the King of Play, Bro Code writer Barney Stinson.

It was all revealed in tonight's season finale of How I Met Your Mother. Everyone is wondering who the bride will be. But are we really? If it is not Robin I am going to be kind of shocked. Lily is clearly wearing a bridesmaid dress in the scene and where is Robin? Huummm. Yeah. I will actually be sad if it is someone else.

I am interested to see how they get Barney to go from Suit Up Barney to Wife Up Barney. It will be quite a change...and they better do it right, because if I can't believe it I will be quite upset.

Until next season....


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