Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bachelorette...a season worth watching?

So the Bachelorette started last night. Ashley is the chick they picked from the last season. I didn't watch Brad's season so I can't say anything about her based on that. What I can say is that I already hate her and I may forgo watching. Here is why.

Someone tells her that there is a dude on the show that is on to promote his business. She knows his name (Bentley). She meets him and it's not like he is the nicest guy ever or the hottest, but then she STILL goes and gives him a rose. WTF. You literally have 15 other guys to choose from and you still pick the dick? What. A. Tool. I can't stand stupid people, and right now Ashley is on the top of my stupid list. Clearly this Bentley character is going to stir shit up this season and the producers are probably salivating over the interest that will be peaked by this debacle. Fack.

So onto the other dudes...there are a couple of cute ones. I felt like the guys had one of 2 hair cuts. The short throwback to 2001 and the longer Josh Groban looking do.  Ashley was really feeling the long hair (another reason why I don't like her....wtf).

One of the guys got hammered and passed out...that was probably the best part of the show. What an idiot. Another guy pissed off everyone by thinking he was on that reality show called The Mask and wore one the whole show. If you want to see what he looks like click here. I thought he was either going to be smokin hot or have a birth defect. Neither - disappointing.

I don't even have a favorite man right out of the gate. This is not looking like the dream season I had hoped for.


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  1. cannot stand ashley. the way she talks and fake laughs. she is vapid and simple. send her home...


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