Monday, May 16, 2011

Are you there Vodka? Chelsea's Show Needs a Hand

Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea, the new NBC sitcom based on Chelsea Handler's book with the same name looks like it is going to head down the road of disaster. I never did love the casting of Laura Prepon as Chelsea and she looks uber stupid playing the role while Chelsea herself is is playing the role of her sister.

It's not fair to Prepon to have the real Chelsea come in and play a different part because it just makes you see how NOT Handler Prepon is. A true Handler needs to be cutting, witty, snarky and mean. Prepon is none of those things. The only thing she is that is Chelsea-like is blond...and her hair is way to nice.

I think am going to throw this show in the same section of my brain as Sh*t my Dad Says under "TV shows that try to be funny but aren't".

UPDATE: Sh*t My Dad Says has been canceled. It is now moving to the section of my brain called "Garbage I knew was bad and has now been put to death."


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