Friday, May 13, 2011

American Idol - Final Three

I watched the competition round of American Idol this week. Now I haven't been following it at all this season, but from what I saw the judges really liked the gross kid who sang a shit karaoke version of Don't Stop Believing. They wet their pants over his song he was a friggin musical genius to have picked the most overplayed song in the history of mankind.

So last night when he got kicked off everyone was shocked and cried about how the curse of the 4th place finish was back...because all these super awesome people always get kicked out at number 4....not that I have ever agreed with any of those peeps being super amazing, but whateves.

So now we are left with 2 chicks and the country singer who was super uncomfortable with Lady Gaga in her mentorship day.

So who will win? Scotty, the country kid, is ok - if you like that kind of music...which most people don't. Unless one of the girls completely bombs it or he has a spectacular performance I would say he will probably be the next to go. The two girls are just ok. Haley...the girl that the judges were majorly hating on on Tuesday will probably stick around to the end because America will give her the pity vote, if not the vote for favorite because she is pretty legit. The other girl...Lauren? ok, but doesn't hold any of her notes which really pissed me off and disturbed my inner core so I hope she also goes home.

From what I saw this will be a season to forget. The most entertaining thing about that show is Steven Tyler.


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