Tuesday, May 24, 2011

American Idol Drama

So tonight was the last singing night of this season of American Idol. I didn't watch because the girl that should have won was robbed and got kick off last week. So the two options that America has is the super country boy, Scotty, or the country girl, Lauren, who can't hold her notes longer than a bar. Just thinking about that irritates my core.

Haley is the chick with the dope rocker voice that got the boot last week...supposedly she was brought into rehearsal today when Lauren's vocal chords were failing here. All of a sudden everyone thought that Haley was going to be back singing for the AI crown. Then she ended up singing and all was well.

Let's be honest...did we really think that Lauren lost her voice and would not be able to compete? It was a nice little publicity stunt to get the Haley fans to watch the show, but ultimately we knew that the finale was going to be Nashville Star or whatever the country talent show is called.

Tomorrow American Idol ends and we can all focus on what we should be...The Voice. (Oh and Dancing with the Stars ended tonight. Kristie Ally did not win...not sure who did).


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