Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6th grade question: Are American Idol's Lauren and Scotty...together?

So another season of American Idol is over. I accidentally went on Twitter while watching the show and saw that SCOTTY WON was that was that. I did see that they brought out some super random people to be guest singers on the show. Now since I didn't watch the season it is possible that these people had something to do with past episodes...but Jack Black? TLC? Tom Jones? Come on American Idol.

So Scotty won. Are we surprised? I don't have time to think about how unimpressed I am. What I really want to know is are the top two kids dating? Like for real...I wasn't watching the show all the way through nor was I paying attention to any rumours or denials for that matter, but (I am going to sound like a 6th grader for a second...bare with me) it totally looked like they had more than a congratulatory kiss there at the end before the censor magic of FOX cut to the audience...and then he said something like we have been together since day one and we're going to stay together.  Whatever that means.

All I know was that they looked like they were dressed to go to prom.

Maybe someone who was actually watching the show can shed some light on this situation. It may have just been a brilliant PR move...because God only knows that as soon as the show is over usually only one person come out with any kind of media glory and my bets are on Haley or that Pia chick who was voted off eons ago. other talent show news: It looks like one of the Brits is off X Factor, and it is not Simon Cowell. Cheryl Cole has supposedly left the auditions. Some say it is because of her accent and the producers think Americans are too dumb to understand her, and others say it is because she was not getting along with Paula 'I always look high' Abdul. Spies say that Nicole Schwhat-a-what from the Pussycat Dolls is taking over. Grrrrreaaaat.

While we are on the talent show subject...The Voice was brutal again this week. I really hope it comes back and they have better people auditioning next season.


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