Monday, April 25, 2011

WIN TICKETS to an advanced screening of Something Borrowed (CONTEST)


Thank you to all who entered on Twitter and on the blog. The following is a list of everyone who won tickets.




The season of chick flicks and hot dreamy men is almost in full bloom! And to start it off I am going to be giving away 10 sets of two tickets to an ADVANCED SCREENING of Something Borrowed on May 4 at 7pm at Eau Clair in Calgary!

To enter all you have to do is tweet me at @XOjesXO with a 140 character story of losing a best friend but gaining a boyfriend...and, if that has never happened to you tell me why I should send you to the movie anyways! (include #xowin in the tweet).

Don't have twitter? Put your response in the comments section along with your name.

Get your tweets and comments in by Noon on May 2 and maybe I will see you at the theatre!


  1. Done! Even if it was slightly off the mark...

  2. Send Me Sens Me, All my girlfriends husbands are crazy! Hardly BFF material

  3. This just happened to my bestie. She had her man snagged by a friend. I must win so I can take her and we can eat lots of junk food to make this better!

  4. My best friend and boyfriend dated "behind my back". When it finally came to light, they both said "we didn't want to hurt your feelings". I deserve this movie!!!!!!!!!

    -Samantha J :)

  5. I cannot relate to this as I have not been apart of this type of situation on either end (knock on wood) BUT I was like the first person ever to read this book....seriously like 10 years ago.

    However I still have not given you your birthday present and I know how dedicated you are to your blog and I want to support that by entering this contest, sooooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    PICK ME!


  6. I was once dating a guy and then started seeing his best friend. Does that count? So i was the one that was stolen haha. It didn't work out with either of them :-(

  7. Only thing I can relate to is losing a friend because she didn't like my BF- however not with him so maybe she wasn't so wrong! Not quite the same thing but hopefully still movie ticket worthy!

  8. I would like to take over Andi's job of publicist when she leaves haha.

  9. My best friend was dating this guy that I was inlove with. On their wedding day he confessed his feelings for me and we took off, leaving my friend at the church. I felt really bad when I was sitting with him in Bermuda on what was supposed to be their honeymoon. Needless to say she wants me dead, but love makes you do crazy things...


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