Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I shouldn't meet entertainers: Johnny Reid at the CUPS Gala

I was never a fan of Johnny Reid. Firstly, I thought his face looked like that of something straight out of Madam Tussuad's Wax Museum and second, I am not hugely into country that is not specifically Reba or Taylor Swift (Reebs is dope, don't even talk to me if you don't think so). 

So tonight Johnny Reid was the entertainment at the CUPS Fundraising Gala in good ol Calgary. My actual paying job required me to attend (for those of you that thought I got paid to be awesome...someday, but not today). So I went...snuck into the VIP meet and greet with Johnny Reid and got the above photo.

After meeting J Reid and then seeing his concert I am no longer a hater. I am also not a "fan"...cause I need a little more than one concert to make a cross over, but I really do like the guy. He is really nice AND he does charity shit and sings songs about changing the world etc. 

Now it got me thinking...generally I would have made fun of him (on this occasion his white shoes, hilarious), but now I am like...oh, but I like him. Which actually makes me think that I can no longer meet entertainers because it taints my usual crass hilarious judgements.

What if I were to meet Chad Kroeger and then all of a sudden I start to feel bad about saying that Nickleback is the worst band currently playing on the content? Cause I have actually heard those guys are quite nice, which is why I stay away from them. Can't have anything clouding my judgement.

Not that Johnny Reid is anywhere in the same vicinity remotely of the horrificness of Nickleback, but you get my point. If I didn't meet him I could have judged his concert according to my usual standards. But as far as his concert went...pretty decent. He had some middle aged women with a boa from the audience on stage dancing and playing a tambourine. That is his crowd...they love him.


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