Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who is going to the Royal Wedding?

The Royal Wedding is less than a week away and the list of guest who are attending the ceremony has been released.  As far as the famous people in attendance there are only 4: Elton John, The Beckhams, Guy Ritchie and Joss Stone.  There are a lot of politicians, royals and army peeps.  I am assuming there are some no name friends of Kate Middleton to who are also invited.

The list of the famous is not as glamorous as you may have thought, but whatever. I just want to see the dress. Also, as you may have noticed...Kayne is not on the list. Either he never got an invite or he declined.

So who is waking up at 2am to watch the wedding? Who is calling in sick on Friday? Who is throwing a Royal Wedding viewing PJ party? Anyone?


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