Monday, April 18, 2011

When Twilight Meets American Idol

How did this mess get passed me? I don't pay attention to anything Idol because I haven't been watching this season...but Nikki Reid, the girl who plays Rose in Twilight, is dating the first guy to get kicked off American Idol this season (Paul?). That is hilarious.

Now it doesn't seem so lame that Ashley Green was "dating" Joe Jonas. At least he has some money and is still semi-famous. I had no idea that everyone thought the kids from Twilight were lame and it wasn't just me. Well...of course Lautner, Stewart and Pattinson are still in the people's good graces, but I am glad to see that is it. I actually think the only one I don't hate is Jackson Rathbone...and that is just cause his name is Jackson Rathbone.


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