Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weird Al covers Gaga with a little controversy

Weird Al recorded a parody of Born this Way. He released it today on his blog and said that it would be on his upcoming album because Lady Gaga did not give him permission to use it.

WHAT? Weird Al is still recording full albums? Good Lord. I remember his Gangster's Paradise was the funniest thing when I was 10. I can't believe he is still kickin. Do people still buy that stuff? Amazing.

Anyways, about Gags not letting him release the piece...Team Gaga said that Lady Gaga never said that Al couldn't release the song. She has been on tour and hasn't even listened to it yet.

Why Lady, how rude. If Weird Al records a song for you, you listen. He is obviously trying to make her look horrible by putting in the video (above) that if it were to be on his album all the proceeds from that song WOULD have went to the Human Rights Campaign. Burn.

UPDATE: Weird Al has taken to his blog again. Turns out Gaga's manager was the one that was making the decisions for her and Gaga didn't hear the song. Now she has....she loves it. Weird Al is putting it on his album. Case closed.


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