Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vince Vaughn a Canucks fan?

So the Canucks won the series against Chicago tonight. Not that any non-Canucks fan is going to forget that they blew a 3 game lead and almost lost this last game which went to overtime...this from a team who has fans that are already planning their trips to Toronto to take their photo with the first time Canucks engraving on the Stanley Cup. Um, yeah...

Anyways, I did quite enjoy this little joke. A cardboard cut out of Vince Vaughn wearing a Canucks jersey. Clever. Vince is probably not in a good mood tonight. So close, so close.

So the Canucks live to play another day. Next up, Nashville and the celeb that comes with that game is Carrie Underwood. Should be good times.



  1. Funny how hawks fans like to say things like 'Canucks blew a 3 game lead' You never ever mention that you guys blew the FIRST 3 games.

    Besides, everyone knows Vince Vaughn is a moron. Even his momma. Carrie Underwood on the other hand is smoking hot so I hope they show her after every play.

  2. The better team won that series. I think the Canucks will go all the way. Carrie Underwood is hot


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