Monday, April 25, 2011

Top 5: Situations that would make the Royal Wedding Extra Exciting

Excited for the Royal Wedding on Friday? Me too. Now I know it will probably be pretty boring and the best part will be the dress...but I like to imagine what super awesome things may happen to make it the most exciting day of British life. If any of these five things happened...well, it would be a friggin miracle.
Runaway Bride
Could you picture Kate Middleton booking it down the isle in front of 19,000 guests? Now that would be news worthy...but I am not sure she would be able to run if she was wearing giant dress that everyone is expecting.

Passing Out
Anyone passing out at a wedding is hilarious...especially if it is the bride or the groom. The groom would be the best.

The Queen Objecting
I am not sure if they are going to do that part "if anyone objects" because to be completely honest I have never actually hear that used in a real wedding, but if they do wouldn't that be unreal if someone actually did object - especially if it was the Queen.

Bridesmaid Cat Fight
It is not like the girls on the side won't be wanting some attention, but let's hope it is not negative...ok, let's hope - that would be awesome.

This. Dance down the Isle
If the Royal Family did something amazing like this...I would have a heart attack and die a happy woman.


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