Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 5: Reasons Miley Should Get Off Twitter @gypsyhearttour

Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter with the handle @GypsyHeartTour to promote her tour. Here are the reasons why she should get her mouth out of the Twitterverse:
  1. She has been saying for a year that she wants her life to be private.
    Miley used to be on Twitter - tweeting pretty annoying shit daily. Then one day she up and deleted her account due to her BF at the time, Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth, telling her to.
  2. She has tweeted about wanting to be "trending" thanking her fans for making her "trend" and wanting 1,000,000 followers. People who talk about their number of followers and celebrities that vocalize their desire to "trend" piss me off.
  3. She is too immature to keep this account professional and undisaster ridden. She says she wants to tweet about her tour, but I give her a week before she starts running her mouth Kanye style.
  4. She is trying to put on the "good girl" image that disappeared as soon as it arrived back in the early days of Hannah Montana. She needs to own the real Miley image...the one where she dresses part Ke$ha part Taylor Momsen and smokes Salvia. No one likes a faker Miley.
  5. She keeps tweeting Charlie Sheen. Most celebs that Charlie starts tweeting, especially young girls who are almost a decade younger than his oldest child, get creeped out and say nothing back. Miley is an idiot and is tweeting Charlie back. WTF. Here are examples of her C Sheen tweets:
    @ I always felt the same about you! You have taught me everything I know about WINNING. Duh!
    @ you used to be my bff but you have now been replaced by @ I sure hope he knows how to Ra Ra like a dungeon dragon.
    Makin dinner for my fam right now. Honey sesame chicken, garlic rice & salad. There's only one thing missing & that's @ YBH!
Part of me is hoping that this twitter account actually doesn't belong to Miley...that it is a delayed April Fools joke, but I don't think she is that lucky, or that smart.


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