Monday, April 18, 2011

Top 5: Reality Shows that I think I miss, but probably don't.

These are the top 5 reality shows that I think I miss, but I probably just remember them being ridiculous and I need something other than Sammi and Ronnie to keep me entertained these days.

Temptation Island
What a ridiculous dating show. 4 couples on an island they are separated and put with 14 people of the opposite sex to tempt them and 75% of the time, break up their relationship. So trashy, so amazing, so missed. (Also, I realize this is a trailer for the Australian version...I couldn't find ANYTHING from the American was just that good).

Growing Up Gotti
Did anyone else ever see this show? Maybe I am only remembering it now because they are planning on doing a movie about the Gotti's, but it was pretty hilarious. I just remember the teenage boys wearing tons of bling and fur jackets...who the f-ck were these kids?

The Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin was pretty much the only person that ever made me interested enough to watch a show about animals...the dude was bat shit crazy, and perfectly animated. So sad that he was killed via underwater life force. RIP Steve. (This reaffirms my fear of underwater creatures and proves that it is not irrational to be terrified of them).

Beauty and the Geek
This show was created by Ashton Kutcher (in his days of good shit, like Punk'd...when he actually was present for the punking). It paired a nerdy guy with a hot chick. It was quite the social experiment watching the two groups interact. Loved that...the competitions, not so much.

House of Carters
Where white trash means fame and fortune is where you will find the Carter family. Poor Nick spent the entire time in the house trying to keep everyone else from self destructing...especially Aaron. Ha ha. I want to be a Carter...but I don't want to have to bleach my hair and that seems like it may be a prerequisite.

Honorable mention: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Carson and friends...the straight guys need you back.


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  1. hey! defs watched that gotti show.. man, so orange.. so much gel.. so perfect.
    the show got cancelled cause the muma said she had breast cancer or something, when she really didn't. something like that.. but i loved that show. awesome.
    another gold mine was Paradise Island.. where there was a group of people paired off into couples and they stayed in eachother rooms.. they did competitions i think, and then voted out the person they didn't like.. and then the person's who's roomie got voted out got a new roomie? i don't know 100%.. but it was a gem that is surely missed.


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