Monday, April 11, 2011

Top 5: Awards Acceptance Speech Moments

So Awards season is FINALLY over (at least I THINK it is over) so I thought we would wrap it up with a Top 5 of my fave acceptance speeches from different shows over the years.

Sandra Bullock - Razzies
Sandra is a class act. This was before the unveiling of what a d-bag her ex-husband was the year that Sandra won an Oscar and a Razzie at the same time. She actually went and accepted hilarious.

Roberto Benigni - Oscars
This was my favorite Oscar moment of all time...the dude is standing on his chair. How can you not love it. And this wasn't even for winning Best Actor (which he also did) this is for winning Best Foreign Language Film. No one will ever beat this for far as an in the moment show of excitement...cause seriously, who plans to stand on a chair and hold Steven Spielberg's hand for support?

Greg Garcia - Emmy
This dude is a writer, but I LOVE his speech. How hilarious. "I don't have time to thank everyone I should so I thought it would be easier if I mentioned a few people I do not want to thank..."

Jim Carrey MTV Movie Awards
What every person wishes they could say when they accept their award. Also notice that Anne Hesch is still a lesbian when this was taped as she is chillin with Ellen Degeneris. Jim always had the best speeches.

Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart - Comedy Awards
This speech actually happened yesterday. It sparked this weeks top 5. I wish something like this could happen at an awards show that people actually watched. Epic.


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