Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stephen Colbert sings Friday

Rebecca Black is a disease that has spread all over the entertainment industry.

Stephen Colbert appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show to sing Friday after people raised $26,000 on ... this version of the monstrosity of a song was horrible, but hilarious.  I am wondering why Taylor Hicks was thrown into the mix though...that was super odd.



  1. It's disappointing that Big Foot was not available so they had to settle for the Yeti dropping by and jamming out with them. Although they could have just used Taylor Hicks for that purpose as he is just as random and elusive.

  2. How sad. You obviously know nothing about real singing talent. Colbert actually has a very good singing voice and shows some vocal training. The song went downhill after the rap portion with Fallon, Hicks and the bad dancers.


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