Saturday, April 2, 2011

Snow White Face Off: K Stewart vs. Lily Collins

You may have heard today that Lily Collins (daughter of Phil and Sandra Bullock's kid in The Blind Side) was just cast as Snow White.  You may also remember that Kristen Stewart was also recently cast as Snow White as well.

I first thought that Stewart had been replaced, which followed with some hand clapping, but then I found out that the Collins Snow White was actually a completely different movie.  Stewart is in Snow White and the Huntsman and Collins is in the Brother's Grimm version of the tale. So confusing.

So not only can Hollywood not find any new ideas, but it can't even put some distance between the remakes. Tisk tisk.

Poor form.


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  1. I wish Hollywood would get it right and have Lily Collins be the Snow White in the Universal project. This competiveness is so utterly counter productive. Universal has the better script evil queen while Relativity has the better release date snow white casting. If an audience member even decides to go see a movie about snow white fat chance seeing how Red Riding turned out, they are going to hate the first one and never even sit through the second.


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