Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sarah Silverman and some weird Bestiality Unicorn Shit

When Sarah Silverman nails it, she is fantastic. But I feel like there is no in between with her...she goes hard every time. Which means when she misses, it is like a rocket launch in the wrong direction.

Being that Sarah is a comedian, I would think that this should be funny. I didn't even crack a smile at this...only when I thought of my friend Rob who is obsessed with unicorns I laughed a little, but that was not at the video. I may be old fashion, but bestiality just doesn't do it for me.

Then the whole thing ends and it is like "Juicy Fruit"....um, what the hell does this have to do with gum?  But I don't really think about that because I am still stuck on the fact that Sarah Silverman was just making out with a stuffed unicorn.

But I do like Angel. (Silver lining).


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