Friday, April 1, 2011

Ryan Murphy and a SILENT Episode of Glee. Bahah. Oh I wish.

BEST April Fools Day article to date.

BuddyTV posted an article about Glee making a silent episode...which obviously I was skeptical about because they all love the sound of their own voices. But then they go on to "quote" creator Ryan Murphy in saying that the episode will be silent because "I'm sick and tired of getting in trouble with Lindsay Lohan for all the lines on the show about how she's a dirty, thieving skank. Which she is."

So after that I was like...hum, Ryan Murphy is king douche so it IS possible that this is true. John Kubicek would have got me except he said that the show would air on the fictional date April 31.

Ryan Murphy would never silence his lambs. It would be fantastic, but it wouldn't happen.


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