Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Wrap Up

The most exciting parts of the Royal Wedding
  1. The Beckhams. Posh's hat was insane...and D Beckham was so dapper, so hot...gawd I just want to jump his bones.
  2. The hansom Ginger Prince Harry. Facking love him...totally made Will look more bald than usual.
  3. "Omg omg, what is it going to look like? Oh I see it...lace?!? Veil!?!? Tiara!??!? She is getting out of the car...OMG Kate's dress! ...that's it?" The world sees Kate's full dress and it is shared that it is a Sarah Burton dress. I am not floored or impressed (not the popular opinion, but mine).
  4. Brother Middleton quotes some bible versus in the ceremony. Ladies all over the world perk up and say cut me off a piece of that. (Sister Middleton, Pippa, was also a big topic of discussion...she was wearing a white dress, which I thought was weird).
  5. Will gets to put his hat back on after they come out of the ceremony, covering up once again the fact that he is balding more and more everyday.
  6. The Royal kiss that everyone waited an hour longer to see on the balcony of Buckingham Palace wasn't spectacular...then they gave the crowd another one. Maybe together they were acceptable, but I was less than thrilled.
Nothing dramatic happened...unfortunately. It was actually really boring, which was written on the faces of everyone in attendance - especially the Queen. Yeesh, lighten up Brits, it's not a funeral. As far as weddings go, it was pretty standard old school.

Until Harry's wedding (to me)...that's all in Royal Wedding land.


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