Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding in Pictures

So the Royal Wedding is big mishaps for the press to talk about for the next two weeks so here is one last post about the Royal Wedding and then is it back to business as usual.

The best hat award goes to the one inspired by Dr. Seuss...Princess Beatrice was rocking the weirdest "thing" on her head.

Worst appearance goes to the Ginger Prince's on-and-off-again GF, Chelsey Davy...girl could have at least brushed her hair...and I was not a fan of her dress. Looking at her would you know she was a lawyer? Um, neither.

Guy Ritchie got a Royal invite. Suck on that Madonna.

Best dressed couple...Posh and Becks. Victoria is so classy...betch is 5 months preggo and she is walking around in 7 inch heels. And that hat is glorious.

Prince Harry. Love. Pretty sure his wedding will be a little more jovial. Hopefully.

People were freaking out about Kate's wedding dress...I was kind of like Meh. Yes, it is probably the best that they could do with what was appropriate (complete coverage) and I am glad they chose Sarah Burton, but it could have been a little more grandiose.
Damn the Queen is old. I also think that hat makes her look boxy. I did see a picture on one of my coworkers screens of her smiling...but it was so rare I couldn't find it anywhere else. Meh. But this is basically what she looked like for a majority of the wedding: Stone. Cold.

This look was the one worn pretty much the whole time it was going down in the everyone. It was like, if someone were to smile or look happy the Queen would beat them with her giant hat.

The Royal lasted about 2 seconds and then I think they figured out that they sucked and did another sucked as well.  My face looked like that of the girl standing in front of Kate. Not impressed, not impressed at all.

The Royal Wedding Portrait. Lots of red.


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