Friday, April 1, 2011

The Price is Right...Oh just forget about that TV.

This is hilarious...what is even more hilarious is what I believe to be implied by what they say:
  • "Um, ok just the Xbox and the games." -Drew. Code for...That was the actual TV we were going to give you and those bitches just broke it. 
  • "Are you ok?" - Drew. Code for...I need to get this on record that you didn't get injured while breaking that $5,000 tv...then you are fired.
  • "You did it." - Dumb Blonde. Code for...I swear it was that bitch that knocked it over not me, fire her.
I would have paid to be in that audience. Hilarity even if it was just for show.



  1. It was for April fools, there was tons of stuff like that on the episode

  2. I love how the contestants were still going nutso over the potential to win an Xbox and weren't even phased about the tv. Just goes to show that Sonic is still at the height of popularity with Price is Right contestants.


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