Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Tree Hill...Season 9?

Is there going to be a season 9 of One Tree Hill? It is the show that just will not die. I am pretty sure everyone gave it one season after Peyton and Lucas (Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray) peaced out...but it is still going. Insanity.

Bethany Joy Galeotti, Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols, Robert Buckley, Lisa Goldstein and Jana Kramer have also all signed on for another season. James Laffery...one of the originals (Nathan Scott) is still unsigned and they are saying he may only come back part time.  That is if the CW even renews the show.

So here is the question fans...do you want OTH to return? Or should we just give it a send off now? I think we should just end it...they are wrapping it up pretty nicely right now.  They are building condos on THE RIVERCOURT. The effing show started on the Rivercourt basically. WTF. That shit is sacred land. Not cool.  Brook and Julian may be moving to NY...which they should, what the hell are they still doing in Tree Hill?

Let's just end it writers...if Nathan is playing it part time it is not OTH anymore. There are already too many people who are not originals, losing another one is not cool.

So long OTH.  Love you, but it is time.


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