Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Montag, Pavelka and Staub in a reality show...together

Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka and Danielle Staub will be in a reality show...together. According to PEOPLE they will be revamping a restaurant in 28 days.

Do I really care what the show is about? No, not really. Most people that enjoy shows about remodeling and restaurants are probably not going to be into whatever these losers are dishing out. The show is said to be set to air on VH1...the same geniuses who gave us the Surreal Life and the grossmance of Brigitt and Flava Flav. 

I don't know Danielle Staub well enough to make a prediction of her interaction on the show, but this is what I think of Jake and Heidi.

Jake will act all macho-man-in-charge while being super nice, all the while trying to get his way. As soon as things start falling apart or he gets in an argument, he will lose his temper, storm out and start crying like the little bitch he is.

Heidi will probably talk about how she should be the eyes of the operation as she has a clothing line (or had? don't even know where that is at now) and can't do any heavy lifting due to the fact that he fake body parts may start falling off. She will also be the idiot of the group that will break shit and put them back 10 days.

I hope there is a guest appearance from Gordon Ramsay...and that he yells at someone (or everyone) and makes them cry.

Thank God I will not be tempted to watch this show as we don't get VH1...but, like everything else terrible...I am sure one of our Canadian channels will pick it up.


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