Saturday, April 16, 2011

Miley's not feeling the love

Miley Cyrus isn't going to be touring in America on her upcoming Gypsy Heart Tour because she only wants to tour places where she is feeling the love. Her tour will take her to South America and Australia.

So of course everyone has started saying "Miley thinks America hates her", that is not what she said. She said that Americans currently are not feeling her vibe so she will play elsewhere. This is not abnormal people. Artists choose their touring destinations based on who will sell out their concerts. Do you realize how bad it would be for her to set a bunch of dates in the states and have them only half sell or worse? Nightmare.

Her fan base is predominately tween girls, but now after her departure from her Hannah Montana image it is unclear if her old fans are still her current fans and if they are...would their parents, who most likely encouraged the liking of Montana, be willing to shell out cash to pay for them to see the new, more "bad ass" version of Miley?

All of a sudden I don't feel like analyzing this situation anymore. Meh, over it.


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  1. I actually love you for posting this with none of your negative remarks. I love miley.


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