Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Melissa D'Souza - Big Miss with her song Rise Up Canada

Can't the election just be over already? I am so over the attack ads, the clogging of the new feed and the signs cluttering my neighbourhood. The fact that we need to have an election ever other year is annoying in itself...I, like a lot of other Canadians, am just over it.

That being said, I do think you should vote. There it is, the only vote plug I will do.

Some people use these time of high media coverage to grab a bit of the spotlight for themselves. Classified did it with his O Canada song during the Olympics and now a Calgary girl, Melissa D'Souza, is attempting to do the same with her song Rise Up Canada.

When I say attempting, I mean failure...because the song sucks.

I also don't like that she is showing who she is politically siding with. If it is about voting in general then there should be shots of all the candidates and not just Ignantieff, or none at all. Beginners mistake...but a lot of her audience is voting NDP. Just sayin.


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