Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kate Upton is annoying at a Clippers Game

Kate Upton is a Victoria Secret Model, former Sports Illustrated non-sports issue model (swimsuits), and rumoured to be hooking up with Kanye West.  On the weekend she was at an LA Clippers game and was videotaped doing "The Dougie" dance in her seat at the game during an intermission. It has now gone viral.

First of all, Kanye West? I feel like she isn't artistically styled enough to gain his interest. Second...if I saw someone in the stands of a stadium doing that at any point, besides when they make you act like a fool for free shit, I would be annoyed. I am pretty sure I would be thinking "attention whore."

The only reason I am not calling for her removal from existence is that it is an intermission (or no one goes to Clippers games) and she is only 18...I think that is younger than Miley...and Miley is still annoying.


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