Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Justin Bieber and the Israeli Prime Minister, a match made in...WTF?

Justin Bieber is currently in Israel and the big news on that side of the world is that Bieber was supposed to have a meet with the Israeli Prime Minister but it was scrapped. There are different rumours as to why...Biebers camp says it was a logistical thing, and the Israelis are saying it is because Justin didn't want to have some war wounded kids there.

I think the big picture that is being missed here the hell does the Israeli Prime Minister have time to meet with a 16 year old pop star. Obama...yeah ok, but is there not a ten thousand year old war still going on in Israel? Should he not be spending his time figuring that shit out? Maybe after that is done the Biebs can grace you with his presence...but seriously, get it together.

Oh and Biebs was also annoyed and sparked a #papsleavebieberalone trend on Twitter after he complained that the Israeli paparazzi were following him around in Jerusalem. It doesn't change on that side of the water kiddo....get used to it.


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