Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jersey Shore Kids are getting PAID. Cha-Ching

A case for the Jersey Shore kids making $100,000 per episode. It DOES seem a little high, but when you consider the amount the show is watched it is not really surprising. I mean....Charlie Sheen is going to pocket millions from his "speaking tour" and you are surprised that Snooki and the gang are going to be making just over a million for an entire season? This can't shock you.

It was stated that ALL the cast members would be paid the same amount. Now this I do not agree with...especially if Deena is going with them to Italy. She definitely is not worth as much and is expendable. I also think that Sammi and Ronnie should have to pay to be on the show. To think that Sammi and Snooki will be paid the same is a little annoying.

They definitely need to milk this last season though because I would be absolutely gobsmacked if they were renewed for a 5th. I hope they go out with a bang in Italy.


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