Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Review: Riverdance (Calgary)

I know what you are thinking. "Riverdance? Seriously?" Yes, Riverdance...for real. I went to see this show - which has been around since I was young enough to think something like this was actually cool - with the understanding that I was going to get to see a man dance around with a bare chest. Ab shots? I'm in.

So imagine my pure horror when the show ended and all the dudes on the stage were fully, and I mean FULLY, clothed (they were basically wearing turtlenecks). Now the one guy who I believe was supposed to be the half naked one looked like a very tall 15 year old boy. My guess is he went with the full shirt because he has abs like a 12 year olds and The Situation gave him stage fright.

So clearly I was not a fan. I would like to point out, however, that the Riverdance fan club was out in full force. The lady in front of me, who back combed her hair to the point that I almost couldn't see, was clapping and cheering the entire time. I am pretty sure it was the best night of her life...I am also pretty sure that she would be the same type of woman who would attend my Grandma's church group knitting club.

The backcomber wasn't the only engaged audience member...about 90% of the people in the audience were losing their minds with pure joy. I am actually sad to say that it was the most interactive crowd I have EVER seen at a show in Calgary. F-ck, now I must go cower in a corner and hold my head in shame. That is just pathetic.

Riverdance has been around for a long time...so I guess it is natural that it would have followers, but I wonder...are the producers of this show under the impression that the "don't fix what's not broken" should apply to a show that was conceived in 1995? Because it sure does look like the set is straight out of the 90's. So f-cking terrible. 

Briefly I shall share with you the other elements of the show that gave me a slight migraine: The costumes, the dancing (as good as it was for what it was, it still was what it was if you get what I am saying), the music that went on forever, the lack of story line (I know it was in there...somewhere, hidden deep deep inside that shitty set), and the weird singing parts (it's called Riverdance, not Riversing...gawd).

I will tell you about the part of the show that I actually enjoyed. I think the Irish came to America (only part of the story line I followed) and they meet up with some dope black dudes in the street and have a dance off. Clearly the black dudes win because A) the Irish dancing was lame and B) one of them did a tap dancing moon walk. The end (of the good stuff).

I think it is possible that the general population has been spoiled with dancing shows and YouTube videos to the point that nothing impresses them anymore.  Just the other day I saw a dude dancing the tango with ONE LEG. That shit is crazy...this was just meh. Now if they were to do the entire show while on fire then I may be impressed. If they do choose to go this route I would like credit for my idea.

Verdict: 2.1 Stars (for the black dudes and their street "battle")


Is it PC to call them black dudes? I can never keep up. I apologize if it is not PC and now someone wants to shank me.

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