Monday, April 18, 2011

In Review: High Cost of Living

Zach Braff stars in this movie about a drug dealer who hits a 8 month pregnant woman while driving the wrong way down a one way street and kills her unborn baby. Then the woman doesn't get the baby removed right away and has a little bit of a break down (rightfully so) and goes to the bar and starts drinking. Cause the unborn baby was still in her belly the patrons of the bar tell her to stop drinking, Braff's character intervenes and they become friends.

OF COURSE THEY DO. Cause that is what I would do if I hit someone and killed their unborn child. Pfft.

It was definitely a slower indie type movie. It was filmed in Montreal and is about a quarter in French...which I actually didn't mind too too much.  What I did mind was that the woman carried around this dead baby in her belly the ENTIRE movie. Like, f-ck woman get that thing out of you already.

Zach Braff has never been my favorite person. Don't get me wrong...I don't hate the dude, I just do not get his appeal.  Everything I have ever seen him in I have been like, meh...whatever. For some reason he plays the sad loser dealer quite well...maybe a little bit too nice. I would have given the character a little bit more of an edge. For those of you who DO like Braff may like this film. It is not his normal role, but still good.

Verdict: 2.3 Stars

High Cost of Living premieres in Calgary August 22 at Eau Clair.

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