Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hannah Georgas and her Celebrity Crush

When I was in Toronto I went to the Juno Fan Fare. The list of acts that would be there available for interviews was pretty...lame. Thank God for Hannah Georgas or the entire list would have been I went, just for her.
Fresh off a win for Solo Artist of the Year at the Indie Awards and two Juno Nominations (New Artist and Songwriter) Hannah was feeling pretty good...which kind of has been the theme for her this past year with the release of her album This is Good. (Which is good as well...and I will not use the word good for the rest of this article).

The most interesting part of the interview, for me, was Hannah's current celebrity crush...Chad VanGaalen. Of COURSE I was surprised...cause that is not an answer I think anyone has heard before. I don't think Chad is super dreamy...I mean he is not super fug or anything but he is the type to let his little mini-fro run wild. He is tall though, which is a major plus. Also, not sure that I would classify Chad, who is a musician and artist from Calgary, as a "celebrity", but I guess in the indie songwriting circles he is basically it makes sense.  (To clarify...she didn't say he was dreamy, but that she loved his music).

He was a big departure from her first answer, which was Justin Bieber. Then I asked her if she had the Bieber Fever and she was like...ah, no no I don't actually like Justin Bieber. Something tells me she was just throwing out the first name that came to mind...oh Bieber, infiltrating everything. I am glad she changed her answer...because this article would have then been entirely based on me making fun of her Bieber love.

Hannah has only been around for a few years so I am sure this is not the last we have heard of her...actually I can almost guarantee it is not. Although her and Chad won't be getting together on a personal level, as he is married with children and I am highly against home-wrecking, maybe one day in the future they will meet up musically. It would be magical.

Here is a small, lovely dose of Hannah Georgas....


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