Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl says she was booted from front row of American Idol...cause she is fat.

So this chick, Ashley Kauffman, and a couple of her size 2 friends got some free tickets to American Idol (because it would be a crime to charge for that) and her friends were seated in the front row while supposedly one of the staff told her "you're just too heavy to be in the front row." Tell that shit to Ruben Studdard, season 2 winner, cause he has like....800 pounds on this girl. Then she was moved to the back of the front section and was told it made sense that she wouldn't be sitting with her skinny friends.

This is either a full out lie, or the people who work on the American Idol set are 100% ri-tarded.

I am sure that people get moved around on sets often based on appearance or what they are wearing, but crews are generally more aware that people have FEELINGS and are more stealthy about their approach to moving the ugly people or the trampy people to the back row.

Reps for AI say that the situation is "simply untrue."

Funny aside: This Ashley chick (the supposed fat one) was on Good Morning America and said, "it's very offensive to me that people think I want fame or money, and I haven't mentioned money at all." Riiiight, you just want fame. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.


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