Friday, April 15, 2011

Gaga's Easter is apparently a week before yours

Lady Gaga strikes again and, as usual, she must be as controversial as possible...releasing a song called Judas one week before Good Friday. The only surprise here for me is that she didn't wait another full week...that would have really pissed everyone off, like only Gaga can.

After people get over the fact that she released it 4 days before it was scheduled (like Judas betrayed Jesus 4 days before Easter wah wah waaaah), and it is yet another slam at Christianity, they may come to realize that it is not that great.

I listened to it a couple of times and the beats are decent, but overall the track is pretty weak. She is still banking on her antics and controversy to be the big seller (actually I don't think she really cares about sales...she just wants attention).

Judas by gagadaily

Better luck next time Gags? Pfft, who are we kidding...her monsters love this shit.



  1. Well If the Catholic Church wants to be so full of hate (they have already released a disgusting statement) Then let it happen, I have yet to hear GAGA throw any shade!
    Get some class Catholic Church.
    I think you are chalked full of talent GAGA and if you wern't around life would be a snoozeville!

  2. Reading the lyrics, Judas could be a metaphor for anyone who betrays someone else and how you can still be in love with a traitor but using Judas as a Biblical metaphor. Like by the way Catholic Church, I don't think you have a copyright on Judas, his name, his brand or his image, so back off and don't take it so personally unless you have some kind of guilt complex that causes you to think that like Judas, you have also been betraying people. On the other hand, using Biblical references to send a message or "be controversial" is about as exciting as the peanut butter I put on my toast in the morning, so I think Gaga needs to step up her game again because I'm not overly impressed with either of her last two songs and thinks she needs to try harder than themes that you'd find in a kindergarten class, such as individuality or high school English with the Biblical allusions.


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