Thursday, April 28, 2011

Festivals Festivals!

I love the summer for a couple of reasons:
  1. People tend to not care as much if you are being a slacker at work (something about being trapped in a cubicle when the sun is shining...which it usually is not in Calgary). 
  2. Over drinking at lunch becomes a socially acceptable activity during the lunch hour...oh patio weather. 
  3. Everyone goes on vacation...also reinforcing people's lack of work ethic in the summer months (boss isn't here to check up on me? TWITTER ALL DAY LONG!) 
  4. Big Brother comes on TV. Oh how I love that trashy show and it's presence on my TV 4 days a week. 
  5. Bands go on tour...and in some places multiple bands hit the same place at the same time for epic festivals all over the world. 
Now in some parts of the world number five has already begun (I am a slave to number two already, but I am special)...but in Canada we need to wait until the real summer hits to plan any outdoor activities (note: it snowed today in is May 1 on Sunday...eff you Mother N).

This summer there are some prime festivals in Canada. A couple of them just announced their line ups.  One I am super excited for because I will definitely be attending and the other I am so green with envy of any person who is going to be going it makes me want to cry.  The first is the Calgary Folk Festival and the other is the Ottawa Blues Festival.

The CFF has some fantastic acts. I have been wetting my pants for weeks after finding out that The Head and The Heart would be playing and now with full line up announcement....eeeeek. Busting with excitement and dreams of magical unicorns.  

A select few of the line up include:

Joseph Arthur
City and Colour
Joel Plaskett
Patrick Watson
Matt Anderson
k.d. Lang

Holler! Can't wait...obviously the list is extensive (check it out here).  Early bird tickets are on sale until June 1. Get 'em while they are hot.

Now onto the festival that I would cut my mother to attend! The Ottawa Blues Festival blew me out of the water. Not only have they scored Huey Lewis and the News (for real...BIG FAN right here) but an epic line up that will have people flocking to Ottawa in droves.

Here is a sample of that greatness:

The Flaming Lips
The Roots
Ben Harper
Girl Talk
The Sheepdogs
Steve Miller Band
Hey Rosetta
The Black Keys
Erykah Badu
The Tragically Hip
Jennifer Hudson
Death Cab

And those are only SOME of the great acts. Anyone want to fly me out to our nations capital for this wondrous event? Call me!


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  1. First off, please delete those spam comments. C'mon!

    Secondly, I am kind of pissed right now that I just read about who's going to be at the Ottawa Blues Fest because now I really want to go, yet it is completely outside of my measly budget. Why Jess, WHY! If I somehow win the lottery in the next couple months, wanna go?


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