Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't count on Lucas and Peyton making a final OTH appearance

So the fate of One Tree Hill is yet to be decided...which is semi-mind boggling since it probably could have been cancelled 2 years ago with no real uproar. So as usual the cast is preparing for this to be the last season, and the fans are wondering if Lucas and Peyton are going to be making a return.

The shows producers say that won't be happening. Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray are supposedly too busy doing, you know, all those other projects that they have been doing since leaving One Tree Hill. I think CMM was in one movie...which I never saw. Burton, on the other hand, did go and have a kid with Denny from Grey's - also known as Jeffrey Dean I guess she has a legit reason...but a lot of moms pop a baby out and are working the very next day.

I think it is plain rude to diss the show that actually got you a fan base, especially since it will probably be cancelled. I personally never liked Peyton and Lucas - so whiny and emo - but a lot of people did.


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