Monday, April 11, 2011

Charlie Sheen is Still on Tour. We know. Stop reminding us.

Are we really going to play-by-play Charlie Sheen's ENTIRE Vomit of Truth tour or whatever he is calling his rants these days? I feel like everyone has a comment, review, or update on every single one of his shows.

Yes...the first one was brutal and obviously that was news worthy as people were pretty curious as to what this shit show was going to look like...and then his next show in Cleveland was better. So sure, say that things could turn around for Sheen...but he has since done 3 other shows and people are still reporting on EVERY SINGLE ONE. Please stop.

It's not that I feel Charlie Sheen needs a break...the world needs a break from Charlie Sheen. Let the idiots who purchased tickets to his gong show go and be amused or annoyed...but quite frankly I do not care. I am sure most of man kind does not care is annoying. It's overkill.

It's like Lohan but least every time she gets up to shit it is different "Lindsey does crack" "Lindsey crashes car" "Lindsey robs a bank" etc...they are all different and I STILL can't stand what makes people think the world cares about each and every Sheen show?

The only thing currently permitted by me to be news from the rest of his tour is if he drops dead on stage or someone drops dead in the audience...or if Jon Cryer shows up, gets on stage, and punches him in the face.


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