Monday, April 18, 2011

Carrie Underwood or Hockey?

Vince Vaughn was not the only celebrity out at a NHL playoff game last night. Carrie Underwood was out supporting her hockey star hubby in Nashville as the Predators beat the Ducks.

Of course whenever Mike Fisher did something in the game the cameras were shooting the ice Carrie Underwood in the stands. There was a fight between Fisher and some giant guy...she looked...concerned. Then he scored the game winner...and she...cheered, obviously.

Is hockey on its way to becoming a court side sport like basketball? Probably not...there are no cheerleaders and most people can handle the temperature that the rinks need to be kept at.



  1. The Oilers have cheerleaders

  2. Semi. But yes, I am aware.

  3. The cheerleaders are brutal and I generally want to throw things at them when I am at the games, They cheer in the aisles and block the general public from moving around


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