Saturday, April 9, 2011

Canadian Soldier's Making Coffee Instructions (NSFW)

It is nice to see some of the Canadian troops having good humour about their less than desirable living conditions...or more specifically their food rations. This video was made by a couple of soldiers as an instructional video how to make coffee in the f-cking field..."there's no Timmy around..."

I think the best part of the video is towards the end... "Cue Labamba." So epic.

If you know a soldier overseas...send them instant coffee packs. Because they say...
 "You can use the shitty coffee that they issue you in the f-cking beef, macaroni Chinese style, or you can have people that love you and send you Starbuck Via."
"Starbucks, not a f-cking good coffee, but still."
"Hey, Starbucks is good."
"It's expensive."


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