Monday, April 4, 2011

Cam Gigandet - WTF

Please please please tell me that men bleaching their hair is not back in style. We haven't left that tragedy behind us long enough for it to come back already!

First Chris Brown and now Cam. Chris Brown I understand...the kid is all sorts of f-cked up, but Cam? That's just wrong. Even Eminem has his original colour.

I think the boys need to band together and ban the bleach...for life. FOR REAL.


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  1. shut the fuck up slut, bleaching your hair is all that matters in this world. I put hydrogen peroxide in my fuckin cereal girl thats how important bleaching is to me. I got my car black, and bleached it. My shoes are bleached. my pubes are bleached. my nipple hairs are bleached. BYHOD (BLEACH YOUR HAIR OR DYE <--get it)


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