Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bon Iver new album to drop in June with a track named....Calgary?!?! @boniver #yyc

Bon Iver is releasing a new self-titled album in June and today they released the track listing...and what do you know there is a track called Calgary.

Now I can only assume it is about the great Canadian city, but keep in mind there is also a Calgary in Texas (go figure). I cannot WAIT to hear it.

Any guesses on why Calgary? Or maybe the better question would be...why a bunch of random cities? Oh Bon mysterious.

Here is the full track listing:
'Minnesota, WI'
'Hinnom, TX'
'Lisbon, OH'

UPDATE: According to their labels website the song "Calgary is a worship song to everything For Emma mourned." For Emma being their last album. Worship and mourning...yikes, sounds like Calgary. They must have come here during one of our never ending winters.


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