Friday, April 15, 2011

Amanda Seyfried, a fan of...taxidermy

Amanda Seyfried is a weirdo. For real. She said in an interview with Daily Express that she is a fan of taxidermy and recently purchased a miniature stuffed horse.

"“I bought a dead horse,” Seyfried told the Daily Express. "I love good taxidermy, it's like art...A lot of people think it's weird, but I don't know why."

WTF. She doesn't exactly fit the "type" of someone who would enjoy a good stuffed dead animal (insert image of burly old man smoking a cigar in a gentleman's lounge holding a glass of scotch and a hunting rifle with a deer's head mounted behind him).

I was not really a fan of huge eyes prior to this piece of info...but now I may actually start taking a liking to her. Not because I like taxidermy (I don't like animals - dead or alive), but because it is hilarious. And I love funny people.


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