Monday, March 21, 2011

Will you watch The Voice?

"Remember the 70' had some sketchy looking people with gorgeous voices." Ah yes, the face made for radio.

I am actually quite excited for this show...Cee Lo, Christina, Adam and that other dude - make up a pretty good panel I think. I am hoping that, since it is all about "the voice" that this program will axe the "letting shitty singers past the first audition for laughs"...that is the part about American Idol that I loved at the beginning, but then it got old.  Now American Idol is about pretty much everything BUT the voice.  What is your back story? Do you look commercial? Will people like you as a person?

Focusing on the Voice seems legit...but hopefully the people can get behind someone that is f-cking great but may not be a 10. People can be so effing temperamental sometimes. Tear.


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