Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will and Kate don't want your gifts.

Prince William and Kate are gearing up for their wedding at the end of next month and they have decided that they don't want you shit...and by shit I mean gifts that will just take up room in the storage closet of their castle.

They have set up  the "Royal Wedding Charity Fund" which people who wish to give wedding gifts to the couple can do so in the form of a donation to one of their chosen charities. Most are based in their home country (obviously), but there is 1 from Canada. The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary is listed as the Canadian charity under Support for services personnel.

It's cute that they decided to do this...Will is definitely trying to do everything and anything to get people focusing on good shit instead of his impending baldness. I seriously need to copyright the tag line "When I was your age, Prince William had hair." - just you wait, everyone will be saying it...and the kids will be mind blown.

It is unfortunate that "Jes' Living Fund" didn't make the cut, but I understand...sort of.


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  1. Well I guess i will just have to return the Star Wars toaster that toasts Darth Vader's face into the bread I bought for them. Unless you want that toaster Jes, then it's all yours.


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